Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee provides advice and recommendations to the full C/CAG Board on all matters dealing with State legislation, ballot measures, and positions to take on specific bills. During the active legislative year (January through August) the Committee monitors bills of potential interest to C/CAG member agencies and selects those to be tracked. The Committee then recommends positions on bills for consideration by the full C/CAG Board and acts as the liaison with C/CAG’s legislative advocating firm.

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Time: 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Location: 2nd Floor Auditorium
San Mateo County Transit District
1250 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA

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2017 Legislative Committee Calendar

December 14, 2017 Agenda


September 14, 2017 - CanceledAgenda
July 13, 2017 AgendaMinutes
June 8, 2017 AgendaMinutes
May 11, 2017 AgendaMinutes
April 13, 2017 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: SB 1 Power Point
March 9, 2017 AgendaMinutes
February 9, 2017 AgendaMinutes
January 12, 2017 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: Transportation funding proposal table 1-12-17
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Chair: Deborah Gordon, Town of Woodside

Vice Chair: Art Kiesel, City of Foster City

Staff Support: Jean Higaki – jhigaki@smcgov.org (650) 599-1462