CMP Transportation Demand Management Policy Update

The Land Use Impact Analysis Program Policy was adopted in 2000 (updated in FY 2004/05) and is included in Appendix I of the 2019 Congestion Management Program (CMP). The policy provides guidelines for analyzing the impact of land use decisions made by local jurisdictions in San Mateo County. The purpose of the policy is to preserve acceptable performance on the CMP network, and to establish community standards for consistent system-wide transportation review.

At present, the policy is implemented during the environmental review process and applies to developments that generate more than 100 peak hour trips on the CMP roadway network. Developers can either reduce the scope of their project, build adequate roadway and/or transit improvements, contribute to a special fund for improvements, or require the developer and all subsequent tenants to implement TDM programs to mitigate new peak hour trips.

Land Use Impact Analysis Program Update and Framework

In 2018/19, the C/CAG Board authorized its staff to update the Land Use Impact Analysis Program to reflect current TDM best practices, provide updated performance targets, and standardize annual survey, monitoring and reporting requirements.

The objective of the Land Use Impact Analysis Program update is to refine TDM strategies and programs that increase the efficiency of the transportation system through alternative modes of travel.

Draft Policy Documents

Staff, in collaboration with our consultant, Advanced Mobility Group (AMG), has met with various stakeholder groups since the effort began.  While development of a model ordinance was initially pursued, based on stakeholder input that approach has been replaced with development of a streamlined point-based system for ease of implementation.

TDM Policy Approach Document – Draft March 2021

TDM Policy Draft Implementation Guide – Draft March 2021

Workshop Recordings and PowerPoint Slides

3-30-21 Workshop Recording: Click Here

3-30-21 Workshop PowerPoint Slides: Click Here

4-13-21 Workshop Recording: Click Here