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C/CAG of San Mateo County

Mailing address:
555 County Center, 5th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063

Physical address
555 County Center, 4th Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063

(650) 599-1406

Staff Contacts

Executive Director
Sandy Wong – 650 599-1409

EA/Clerk of the Board
Mima Guilles – 650 599-1406

Staff Contact Programs/Projects
Reid Bogert  (650) 599-1433
NPDES Stormwater Runoff Program
C/CAG Website
Matt Fabry (650) 599-1419
NPDES Stormwater Runoff Program
Mima Guilles (650) 599-1406
EA/Clerk of the Board
Mikaela Hiatt (650) 599-1453
Active Transportation
Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC)
Jean Higaki (650) 599-1462
Federal Aid Project Programming and Delivery
State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
Capital Projects
Plan Bay Area 2040
Congestion Relief Plan Funding
John Hoang (650) 363-4105
Measure M ($10 Vehicle Registration Fee)
Smart Corridor / Intelligent Transportation System
Susy Kalkin (650) 599-1467
Airport Land Use Committee (ALUC)
Jeff Lacap (650) 599-1455
Priority Development Area (PDA) Parking Policy Tech. Assist. Program
Travel Demand Forecast Model
Lifeline Transportation Program
Congestion Management Program (CMP)
Van Ocampo (650) 599-1460
Capital Project Delivery
Kim Springer (650) 599-1412 Integrated Waste Management
Resource Management and Climate Protection Committee
Kim Wever (650) 599-1451 Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA)
Sandy Wong (650) 599-1409
Countywide Transportation Plan
MTC – Transportation Plus Land Use
Transportation Projects