Measure M

The C/CAG sponsored Measure M, approved by the voters of San Mateo County in 2010, impose an annual fee of ten dollars ($10) on motor vehicles registered in San Mateo County for transportation-related traffic congestion and water pollution mitigation programs. The revenue is estimated at $6.7 million annually over a 25 year period. Per the Expenditure Plan, 50% of the net proceeds will be allocated to cities/County for local streets and roads and 50% will be used for countywide transportation programs such as transit operations, regional traffic congestion management, water pollution prevention, and safe routes to school.

Measure M legislative text and Expenditure Plan 2010



Measure M Strategic Implementation Plan FY22-27 – FULL

Measure M Implementation Plan FY22-27 Only – For Funding Recipients

Measure M Implementation Plan FY17-FY21

Measure M Implementation Plan FY11-FY16



Measure M 5-Year Performance Report FY17-21

Measure M Annual Report FY20

Measure M Annual Report FY19

Measure M Annual Report FY17 & FY18

Measure M 5-Year Performance Report FY12-FY16

Measure M Annual Report FY15

Measure M Annual Report FY14

Measure M Annual Report FY13