Equity Assessment, Framework, and Action Plan

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In San Mateo County and across the nation, people of color and other underserved and underrepresented populations have and continue to face persistently unequal economic, health, and quality of life outcomes. Public and private institutions have historically contributed to these inequities through laws, policies, investment decisions, and other actions. C/CAG is taking steps to address Equity issues in San Mateo County.

C/CAG defines equity as acknowledging and addressing historic & existing disparities so that race, class, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, or other demographics do not determine economic, health, and quality of life outcomes. Equity recognizes that members of our San Mateo County community do not all come from the same starting point, and it entails removing systemic barriers and providing customized forms and levels of engagement and support for underserved and impacted communities to remedy past harms and underinvestment.

In order to help address these disparities in San Mateo County communities, on December 14, 2023, the C/CAG Board adopted the C/CAG Equity Assessment and Framework Development Final Report and Action Plan. This Assessment and Plan was a culmination of 20 months of work with a consultant, C/CAG staff, San Mateo County agencies, funded discussions with community-based organizations through a community working group, and an Ad Hoc Committee of the Board. In all, there were 31 meetings with various stakeholders throughout the Project. This included a comprehensive review of C/CAG’s programs, projects, and processes, in order to establish an Action Plan of 36 actions that C/CAG will undertake. Click on the image of the cover to read the Report and Action Plan:

The following are the equity approaches, or procedural steps, C/CAG staff will take in their work, as applicable to the agency’s projects, programs, and planning efforts. Through these steps, implementation of the Action Plan, and greater collaboration with community-based organizations and other agencies, C/CAG hopes to improve outcomes in San Mateo County communities. Click the image below to view:

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C/CAG will continue to build this web page as we move forward through implementation of the Action Plan.