Airport Land Use Committee

C/CAG is the Airport Land Use Commission and has conferred the operational, day-to-day issues related to the state mandated Airport Land Use Planning processes and the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) to this Committee, to advise and recommend actions to C/CAG regarding the updating of the ALUCPs, and other land use compatibility issues affecting the three airports in the County. The Committee consists of 13 members representing 10 cities, the County of San Mateo, and the Aviation Community (two representatives).

Notice for the September 28, 2023 Airport Land Use Committee Meeting

The Airport Land Use Committee meeting scheduled for September 28, 2023 will be an in-person / remote hybrid meeting.

Location: Burlingame Community Center, 850 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame, CA

Time: 4:30 PM

Public Comment: Persons who wish to address the Airport Land Use Committee at this meeting are encouraged to submit comments in writing to by 2:00 PM on the date of the meeting.  Public comment during the meeting will also be accepted.  Detailed information on how to submit comments is provided in the meeting agenda.

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Meeting ID: 813 3548 1228

Passcode: 839437


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(669) 900-6833

Meeting ID: 813 3548 1228

Passcode: 839437


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Upcoming Meetings

October 26, 2023 
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September 28, 2023 
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August 24, 2023 
Additional Meeting Materials: 5 A4 Belmont Housing Element Draft 2023-2031, 7 A3 Lindenville SP
July 27, 2023 - canceled
June 22, 2023 
Additional Meeting Materials: 6 A4 Pacifica HE Update Draft 2023
May 25, 2023 
April 27, 2023 
Additional Meeting Materials: 8 A2 Redwood City Proposed Zoning and Municipal Code Amends, 8 A3 Redwood City Proposed Citywide Zoning Amends Map, 8 A4 Redwood City Proposed General Plan Land Use Amends Map
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Additional Meeting Materials: 5A5 Millbrae Zoning Amendments - Draft City Edits 9.20.22, 6 A2a SFO Comment Letter - San Bruno 2022 Housing Element
September 22, 2022 
Additional Meeting Materials: 5 A1 - RWC DTPP App - ALUC Determination - Complete
August 25, 2022 
Additional Meeting Materials: 6 A4 Millbrae DT & ECR Specific Plan Public Review Draft June 2022, 6 A5 July 28 2022 - SR Millbrae DT ECR SP ALUC, 8 A5 SSFGPU_PublicDraft2022, 8 A6 SSFZoning_PublicDraft_2022, 8 A7 SSF Housing Element - Public Draft for ALUC
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Roster – 2023

Terry O’Connell, City of Brisbane

Vice Chair:
Ricardo Ortiz, City of Burlingame

Staff Support:
Susy Kalkin –


Member Representative Alternate
City of Brisbane Terry O’Connell Madison Davis
City of Burlingame Ricardo Ortiz Michael Brownrigg
City of Daly City Pamela DiGiovanni Vacant
City of Foster City Patrick Sullivan Jon Froomin
City of Half Moon Bay Robert Brownstone Joaquin Jimenez
City of Millbrae Angelina Cahalan Anders Fung
City of Redwood City Christopher Sturken Elmer Martinez Saballos
City of San Bruno Tom Hamilton Vacant
City of San Carlos Pranita Venkatesh Ron Collins
County of San Mateo and Aviation Representative Warren Slocum David Canepa
City of South San Francisco Flor Nicolas Vacant
Aviation Representative Carol Ford* Vacant*
Half Moon Bay Airport Pilots Association Christopher Yakabe* Brian Branscomb*

*Indicates non-elected representative; all others indicate elected representatives of their member agencies.