Resource Management and Climate Protection Committee

The Resource Management and Climate Protection Committee (RMCP) seats seven elected officials and representatives from each of the following six: energy, water utility, nonprofit, business/chamber of commerce, and environmental organization, for a total of 13 seats. Originally called the Utilities Sustainability Task Force (USTF), it developed a San Mateo County Energy Strategy for the county, which was adopted by every city in San Mateo County in 2009. The RMCP Committee provides information and recommendations to CMEQ and the C/CAG Board on items related to resource conservation and climate action. The Committee also tracks the progress of two main C/CAG programs, the San Mateo County Energy Watch (SMCEW) and the Regionally Integrated Climate Action Planning Suite (RICAPS).

The SMCEW, a Local Government Partnership between C/CAG and PG&E, implements energy-saving projects in multiple sectors countywide. RICAPS supports city efforts to develop, implement and track progress on climate action plan measures to reduce countywide greenhouse gas emissions. Both of these programs are further described at the following link:

The RMCP Committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month as needed throughout the year from 2:00 – 4:00, in either in San Mateo or in Redwood City at County Center. Please check agendas below for location details.

Time: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Location: San Mateo or Redwood City

Upcoming Meetings

Draft 2020 Meeting Dates: 2020 Meeting Dates Staff Report

Refer to posted agendas, below, to confirm meeting dates and locations.

None at this time.

Past Meetings

December 18, 2019 
November 20, 2019 
Presentations: Accelerating Climate Restoration_1, RICAPS RMCP Meeting 112019, RMCP Nov 2019_BAWSCA_presentation_updated, Solar and Storage Costs and Efficiency
October 16, 2019 
Additional Meeting Materials: RICAPS_CAP Template_v5.1
Presentations: RMCP.2019.10.16.RICAPS Update, BAWSCA RMCP Conservation Update 10-16-19, RMCP Clean Coalition Oct2019
September 18, 2019 
August 21, 2019 
Presentations: RCMP_OhmConnect_FINAL, RMCP Energy Water Strategy Update 8 20 19, RMCP Groundwater Monitoring 8 20 19, San Mateo County 8-21-19
July 17, 2019 
June 19, 2019 
May 15, 2019 
Additional Meeting Materials: Reach Codes - RMCP Final
April 17, 2019 
March 20, 2019 
February 20, 2019 
January 16, 2019 
Additional Meeting Materials: SMCEW JOC Study_FINAL Report_12-21-2018, SMC Energy and Water Strategy 2025 - DRAFT 2018-1-15-19 JA KS

RMCP Roster: June 2019 RMCP Roster

Chair: Maryann Moise Derwin, Councilmember Portola Valley

Vice Chair: Adrianne Carr, Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency

Staff Support: Kim Springer, County of San Mateo Office of Sustainability – (650-599-1412)