Board of Directors

City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County (C/CAG) deals with issues that affect the quality of life in general; transportation, air quality, stormwater runoff, hazardous waste, solid waste and recycling, land use near airports, and abandoned vehicle abatement. C/CAG provides a unique forum for the cities and the County to work together on common issues to develop cost-effective solutions. The Board consists of 21 members with one from each city (20) and the County.

Time: 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Location: 2nd Floor Auditorium
San Mateo County Transit District
1250 San Carlos Avenue
San Carlos, CA

Upcoming Meetings

2017 C/CAG Board Calendar

May 11, 2017 coming soon
June 8, 2017 coming soon
July 13, 2017 coming soon
September 14, 2017 coming soon
November 9, 2017 coming soon
December 14, 2017 coming soon

Past Meetings

April 13, 2017 Agenda
Additional Meeting Materials: SM 101 MLP C-CAG Presentation 2017-04-13, CMA Board Presentation - San Mateo (1)
March 9, 2017 Agenda
Additional Meeting Materials: 6.2 Revised Resolution 17-09 TLC, 6.2 Revised Resolution 17-10 BPIP, 5.6 Iteris Smart Corridor SSF PAED Agmt_draft, 6.3 BASMAA Funding Agreement
Presentations: TrashLoadReductionPresentation_030917, SMCWPPP Reported Trash Reductions FY 15-16
February 9, 2017 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: SRP Landing Page, 6.5_A4_SMCTP 2040 Final Draft
January 12, 2017 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: Transportation funding proposal table 1-12-17, Item 5.3 CCAG Financial Statements 2016, Item 5.4 CCAG AB 1546 Audit FY2016, Item 5.5 CCAG Measure M Audit FY2016
December 8, 2016 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: item-5-5-commute-org-regional-carpool-program-complementary-activities-agreement-draft, item-5-4-regional-carpool-program-agreement-with-mtc, 1_draft_sanmateocountystormwaterresourceplan
Presentations: CCAG_SRP_120816
November 10, 2016 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: 6.1.1 Coop Agreement between TA and Caltrans, 5-7-a2-hilton-attachment-faa
October 13, 2016 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: 6-5-attachment-alj-decision-16-08-019-081816
September 8, 2016 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: Unfunded Mandates - Supreme Court Ruling
August 11, 2016 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: 5.4 Agreement with Michael Baker International Inc
June 9, 2016 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: 5 2 TFCA FY17-18 BAAQMD Agmt_Draft, 5.3 TFCA FY17-18 Commute Agmt, 5 4 TFCA FY17-18 SamTrans Agmt_, 5.5 Measure M SamTrans Agt FY17 - FY18, 5.8 PG&E Contract Entire 2016-2018, 5.13 Draft CRP Agreement for, 5.13 Draft Scope of Work for Countywide Voluntary Trip Reduction Program, 6.6 Budget, TaskOrder_SGA-02, TaskOrder_LWA-02, TaskOrder_EOA-04, DRAFT July 2015 OPEB Actuarial Rpt
Presentations: OWL Presentation, 21 Elements Presentation
May 12, 2016 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: Item 6.4 - Initial draft, assumptions, and input on the CCAG Fiscal Year 2016-17 Program Budget and Member Fees, Menlo Park Shuttle Agreement FY 16-17 17-18 DRAFT
Presentations: 101 Corridor Managed Lanes Presentation
April 14, 2016 Agenda
Presentations: Dr. Mindy Romero - Demographics and California's Changing Political Landscape, Dr. Richard G. Luthy - Sustainable Urban Water Supplies for California, Nicole Sandkulla - Ensuring a Reliable Supply of High Quality Water at a Fair Price
March 10, 2016 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: TaskOrder_SGA-01, TaskOrder_LWA-01, TaskOrder_EOA-03
February 11, 2016 AgendaMinutes
Additional Meeting Materials: Item 5.2.2 Executed Agreement with PG&E, Item 5.3 Draft Agreement with DNV GL, Item 5.6 CCAG Financial Statements Ended June 30 2015, Item 5.9 CCAG AB1546 Fund Financial Statement Ended June 30 2015, Item 5.10 CCAG Measure M Fund Financial Statement Ended June 30 2015, Item 5.11 CCAG AVA Program Fund Financial Statement Ended June 30 2015, Item 6.2 San Mateo AFRP_Final_Report
January 14, 2016 AgendaMinutes
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Board of Directors: Roster


Alicia Aguirre, Redwood City

Vice Chair:

Maryann Moise Derwin

Staff Contact

Sandy Wong, Executive Director, 650-599-1409

Mima Guilles, Executive Assistant, 650-599-1406

2017 C/CAG Board Roster

Agency Representative Alternate
Atherton Elizabeth Lewis Cary Wiest
Belmont Doug Kim Davina Hurt
Brisbane Cliff Lentz Lori Liu
Burlingame Ricardo Ortiz Michael Brownrigg
Colma Diana Colvin John Goodwin
Daly City Judith Christensen Glenn Sylvester
East Palo Alto Lisa Gauthier Donna Rutherford
Foster City Herb Perez Sam Hindi
Half Moon Bay Debbie Ruddock Rick Kowalczyk
Hillsborough Marie Chuang Shawn Christianson
Menlo Park Catherine Carlton Ray Mueller
Millbrae Gina Papan Reuben Holober
Pacifica Mike O’Neill Sue Vaterlaus
Portola Valley Maryann Moise Derwin Ann Wengert
Redwood City Alicia Aguirre Diane Howard
San Bruno Irene O’Connell Jim Ruane
San Carlos Mark Olbert Bob Grassilli
San Mateo Diane Papan Maureen Freschet
San Mateo County David Canepa Dave Pine
South San Francisco Karyl Matsumoto Pradeep Gupta
Woodside Deborah Gordon Daniel Yost
San Mateo County Transportation Authority Karyl Matsumoto Emily Beach
San Mateo County Transit District Karyl Matsumoto Karyl Matsumoto